domingo, 6 de marzo de 2011

Música: Louis Spohr: Complete Violin Concertos & Concertantes

Ulf Hoelscher: violin
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra
Conductor:  Christian Frohlich

CPO's recording of the Complete Violin Concertos of Louis Spohr with Ulf Hoelscher has been acclaimed throughout the world for its world-class standards of repertoire and interpretation. Each of Spohr's fifteen concertos has an individual stamp and not only explore the expressive resources of the violin but are extremely well-crafted musical statements.

Spohr was first and foremost a violinist. He was as knowledgeable about & expert on the violin as anyone who ever lived. His only rival in fame as a violinist during his lifetime was Paganini. Therefore to see Spohr the composer in the best light it seems obvious to look to his violin concertos first, rather than to his operas or symphonies. Sophr was not a great writer of melodies like Tchaikovsky or Dvorak. Nor was he a composer who believed in dramatic effects for effects sake. He was a "less is more" kind of composer. These concertos need to be listened to. If you us them as backround music while reading or some other activity they will make no impression. They won't make a huge impression on first hearing like some of the later standard violin concertos. You need to listen, preferably more than once. If you do, you will be rewarded with some very special, unique music, without showiness or bombast, by a master violinist.

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